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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage worldwide and there is no clear sign of resolution in the foreseeable future. In this time of unprecedented challenge to mankind, ERI is launching a handheld chest X-ray machine - the “CVXair” to provide a fast and effective virus screening solution. CVXair can be operated indoors and outdoors. The efficiency and mobility of the device allow early detection of COVID-19. 


At present, the most common way to test COVID-19 is by using RT-PCR, which detects the existence of the virus in the upper respiratory tract. However, the use of chest X-ray imaging can assist in earlier diagnosis of COVID-19-induced pneumonia. ERI's handheld chest X-ray machine can provide detection of the virus in lower respiratory tract, providing a more comprehensive testing for the patients. 


COVID-19 can survive on the surface of objects from 2 hours to 9 days. The use of traditional indoor X-ray will require time-consuming cleaning every time an examination is done.  This process, although necessary, will prolong patients’ waiting time and undermines the urgency for early detection. 


CVXair, due to its mobility, can easily be used in the outdoor triage to detect possible infection without contaminating or exposing other patients in the hospital. When used in the outdoor setting, the cleaning and disinfection process can be faster as compared to  the stationary X-ray machines.


CVXair comes with specification of 70kV of tube voltage and 1mA of tube current.  CVXair also comes with collimator and an arm stand. Combined with DR and software application, CVXair offers a handheld chest X-ray imaging system for a fast and effective detection of COVID-19.


CVXair is also easy to carry to the sports field, field hospital, accident scene and rural areas because of its good ergonomic design.


Outdoor first aid scenario



Indoor scenario