ERI ORTHO is a high-power handheld X-ray machine. The main shooting position is human extremities. It features built-in infrared ranging system and electric beam limiter to assist the operator to complete X-ray shooting in a short time. Because ERI ORTHO is equipped with a cold cathode X-ray tube, it can be used in various environments for a long time due to the low energy consumption of the Li-ion battery. It is easy to carry to the sports field, field hospital, accident scene and rural areas because of its good ergonomic design.


  • Voltage
  • 75 kV
  • Current
  • 1 mA
  • Exposure time range
  • 0.01~2.00 s
  • Focal spot
  • 0.45
  • Target angle
  • 19˚
  • Inherent filtration
  • 2.5 mmAl
  • Source to skin distance
  • 300 mm
  • X-ray field size and configuration @ 71cm
  • 25.4* 30.0 cm
  • Weight
  • 4.5 kg (battery included)
  • X-ray tube
  • ERI X-Ray tube


CNT technology
High S/N Ratio
Low dose
High-quality image